Metsahake OÜ is one of the four forestry companies in the group and has been operating since 2012. Our main activities are producing and selling woodchips, producing waste wood heating material for heating and power station, and providing woodchip transport services. We have woodchips mainly from bushes. It is environmentally friendly, improves the forest's overall appearance, and makes subsequent management more accessible and cheaper.

In addition: we sell and produce woodchips, buy standing forest logging and woodland

Metsahaldjas OÜ

Alar Kulp
Sales manager
E-post: info@metsahake.ee
Tel: +372 509 2222

Siim Kulp
Woodchip production
Email: siim@metsahake.ee
Phone: +372 5373 6988

Argo Siilivask
Wood procurement manager
Email: argo@metsahake.ee
Phone: +372 5888 8045

We offer

  • Woodchips production
  • Woodchips sale
  • Woodchip transport services
  • Wood chopping and shredding with mobile chippers
  • Trees and branches felling, collection of low-quality wood and wood waste
  • Management and handling of wood waste, wooden buildings, demolition timber, pallets and tare boxes

We buy

  • Stacked brush
  • Growing shrub
  • Tracks
  • Sawmill and timber industries' waste
  • Sawdust
  • Wood bark

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