Forest management

The whole life cycle of forest management, from planting and maintenance to thinning and felling, is vital. We manage our forest in a nature-friendly and environmentally friendly way so that the forest will also resume for future generations.

Our company offers flexible options for forest management and maintenance. 

In addition: we sell and produce woodchips, buy standing forest logging and woodland

Metsahake OÜ

Teet Paju
Forestry Manager
Phone: +372 507 9084

We offer

  • The best harvest quality
  • Optimal timber use
  • Conserving soil, seed and preserved trees
  • Environmentally friendly logging
  • Harvesting service with harvester and forwarder


  • Maintenance of forest crops
  • Selective felling
  • Maintenance and thinning
  • Strip logging
  • Clearcutting
  • Shrub felling on ditches, roadsides, overgrown farmland

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